Bernardo Bader


Zimmerei Gerhard Bilgeri, Riefensberg.


Jörg Seiler and Velux

The House on the Moor

Private residence with attached studio Nature and culture united.
In this project The House on the Moor, the architect, Bernardo Bader, has interacted very sensitively with the natural forest surroundings.

  • Mechanical ventilation for heat recovery
  • Brine water heat pump – space heating and domestic hot water


  • Timber construction / untreated timber surfaces indoors and outdoors.
  • Special distribution of daylight.
  • Skylights also to use the stack-effect.


  • Roof material – copper as a durable material for this alpine region.
  • Exclusively timber from the local area.
  • Outdoor areas and big façade windows to bring in the nature.

The intelligent use of typical, regional architectural elements – proven through centuries and without superficial, old-fashioned decorations − is typical of his style.

For the roof, he has chosen the traditional saddle roof – though in a contemporary interpretation. The longhouse is the logical answer to the request for “living and working under one roof”.
Like a simple barn, the long, wooden structure of the house puts the finishing stroke to a line of single-family houses at the edge of the village. The house completes the settled area stretching towards the moor and bridges countryside and village.
This is symbolised by the gesture of the open entree between the major and the minor components and the combination of untreated silver fir and velvety concrete.
Refined and genuine in all details, it is a clear and modest statement – the perfect answer to the location.