Owner / Investor

Trine Richter


Kasper Guldager Jensen — 3XN, Steenbergs Tegnestue, SLA, GXN innovation

Green Solution House


In living and working spaces natural light is essential to provide visual comfort, foster high productivity, and reduce energy consumption via artificial light. Thus, in GSH sun tunnels and light cables, skylights, and huge fenestration guarantee well-lit spaces and high daylight levels everywhere (e.g., DF6.6% in the conference room). Moreover, the substitution of existing concrete railings with glass surfaces improves daylight conditions for hotel rooms. Furthermore, a green wall and specific finishing materials clean and purify indoor air, absorbing pollutant particles and balancing humidity levels. A mechanical/natural ventilation system guarantees indoor thermal comfort through permeable acoustic panels, which diffuse air from the ceiling, with a reduction of duct sizes and performing as radiative cooling.


According to the educational purpose, GSH has an interactive learning tool by LEAPCRAFT, which facilitates the visualization of energy fluctuations and understanding of the correlation between users’ behavior and consequent variations in energy consumption and the environmental impact. This tool has recorded data from the as-built phase to the users’ interaction phase, calculating an average of 3.33 kWh/m2 as first-year energy performance. The energy demand is 2200 kWh/year and 32.3% comes from renewable sources. Global energy requirements are satisfied by exchanges with the Bornholm local grid; floor heating/cooling are supplied on-site by a thermal energy system partly based on leftover food recycling. Moreover, south-located glasses are equipped with PV-cells that produce 5000 kWh/year.


Inspired by a Cradle-to-Cradle life cycle concept and circular sustainability, GSH is the result of assembled solutions, whose materials and products have been examined through an LCA perspective and certified for their recyclability (nearly 50% of total) and social responsibility of resource use. This process has been validated by DGNB.