Mirck Architecture

Green Heart


Comfort was one of the leading design parameters, with priority on daylight and a view.

The daylight level is very high in the living spaces, contributing to a particular comfort:


In this ‘room-in-a view,’ one feels part of the landscape when experiencing the same natural light inside and outside.


The many openings in facades and roof have permanent and dynamic elements to prevent glare and heating.

The resident can easily adjust the many dynamic elements for optimal comfort.

All elements as well as the temperature and the lights can be adjusted by home automation.

The air quality is controlled when occupied and the ventilation is optimized to keep the CO2 and humidity levels low.

The ventilation system is balanced and executed with soundproof ducts.


The heat loss through the climate shell has been minimized using the best insulation solutions, reducing thermal bridges and creating an airtight construction.
The airtightness was tested just before completion.
The building uses a heat pump with pipes drilled 120m deep in the ground.
The low-temperature floor heating and cooling can easily be adjusted by home automation.
The supply of electricity is almost completely met via renewable solar energy harvested by 72 PV panels on the roof of the adjacent barn.


The design of the load-bearing structure of the underfloor was based on an expectation that the concrete structure will never be reused while being part of the Dutch dyke system. The steel structure on top could be disassembled and reused. The walls and roofs are made of wooden beams with insulation in between. The outer surface is based on a durable corten steel structure that is ventilated and protected from direct rain, reducing the need for surface treatment. To reduce the use of water, a structure for use of rainwater for gardening was established.